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Mood sucked for drawing today, let’s see if tomorrow I feel better

Eira as a Valkyrie, because in FFXIV, there's a character named Eira Valkyrie.

Never played FFXIV so I’ll pass

ok that is how Ife react to Five Nights at Freddy's but what if some one else played it like Bekon for example

They’d probably be scared to look at the game

Tomodachi life Reve because yes



Okay, guys. Since I just received my new stylus, I want to let you know that regular commissions are back in full force!

I need $250 by September 1st in order to be able to pay the rent for that month. So far I’ve raised $113 in commissions and I need $137 more. I am also offering a binary pen option so if you prefer, I can draw a color or monochrome commish in that style (more info on that later.)

So if you’d like to buy a regular commission, please send me a fan mail or go to my deviantArt page and send me a note if you have an account. Otherwise, please consider donating with the Paypal button on my homepage or reblog/signal boost this information. I will also reblog the pixel commission info soon.

Rules here. (this also leads you to my dA)

I’m a little less than halfway towards my goal. Please help out if you can!

Thanks in advance!

Reblogging as a reminder
a Kanabō hu... did you know they can ether be made out of wood or iron and the size can vary between a baseball bat size to as tall as a man. and to add icing on the cake it was made to smash enemies weapon' armor, bones with no problem.

Yep that’s pretty much how blunt weapons like maces work c:

if some one gave radalpha a Kanabō will she use it?

Probably, yes.

It’d have to be gigantic though

What would happen if Dael and Bekon met?

Dael probably won’t care and walk away.

Magical girl Dael?


She’s busy doing magical girl stuffs


- Antiguo proverbio ancestral.